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PRESS RELEASE Free for publication on 25 March 2013

b-bark meets the ever-growing demand for accurate dog positioning and tracking in hunting

KAUSTINEN, 24 March 2013. Belectro has released a new hunting dog positioning and tracking system, including abundant features and using the latest positioning technologies. Consumers have expressed an increasing demand for reliable, accurate and easy to use dog positioning systems. Belectro has employed the latest technologies to meet this demand: b-bark utilizes parallel GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning and a cloud-based scalable server solution. b-bark also allows you to upload and use your own maps, applying Belectro’s own software algorithm for dynamically calibrating them.

“b-bark is a perfect choice for a dog enthusiast and a hunter who is looking for a dog positioning solution that combines a long battery-life and durability with reliability and accuracy. b-bark is also easy to use, so you’re able to fully focus on the task at hand. Whether you’re hunting or participating in a hunt test, b-bark’s versatile features will definitely exceed your expectations.” says Esa Kukkonen, the CTO and Product Manager at Belectro. “The positioning system is designed and tested in compliance with the IP67 and MIL-STD-810 standards, in other words the product has been specifically designed with the demanding Nordic weather conditions and challenging operating environment in mind.”

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