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Orange b-bark collar Including the latest and greatest technology, made using the best materials out there and carefully designed by professionals in the field, the b-bark collar brings dog positioning solutions to a whole new level.

The table below lists the main features of the b-bark collar, and provides descriptions for them.

For more information, have a look at the User Guide for the collar.

Feature Description
Optimised internal GSM antenna There are several things that affect the quality of the GSM transceiver: receiver’s sensitivity, noise figure, impedance matching and the antenna itself. When looking for a good overall performance, a carefully designed internal GSM antenna along with the good quality GSM transceiver gives you the same reliable performance as a solution with an external antenna. There are other benefits to an internal antenna: improved ergonomics and a non-existent failure rate.

Bidirectional call facility Tracking collars have traditionally used a unidirectional GSM audio connection, mainly for bark recognition. The b-bark collar gives you a bidirectional GSM audio connection, in other words the collar includes a speaker as well as a microphone. The two-way connection is useful if for instance someone else than the owner has caught the dog or an elk is intentionally driven off in a hunting test situation. In addition to this, the speaker combined with an attention LED may be used to scare off a wolf threatening the dog.

Fast and accurate positioning Tracking collars commonly use GPS positioning. GPS combined with a similar positioning system called GLONASS gives you an improvement in positioning reliability and accuracy, especially in covered places such as a dense forest. The GPS constellation consists of 27 satellites and the GLONASS constellation of 24 satellites. The user advantage comes from combining the two, as it results in a greater number of satellites and better performance compared to using GPS alone. The parallel GPS and GLONASS system ensures the positioning device has more satellites to use. This makes the positioning faster, gives better results when positioning in a dense forest environment and ensures greater accuracy with lower DOP (dilution of precision) values.

Additionally, the b-bark collar utilizes the A-GPS (assisted GPS) feature where the approximate position of the device is determined using terrestrial orbit information. A-GPS shortens the time it takes to get an accurate GPS position in a cold start.

Electronic compass Directional information based on GPS alone only works if the object is moving. If the object is stationary, its direction can’t be reliably calculated from the GPS signals. b-bark’s integrated electronic compass makes it possible to determine direction even when the object is stationary.

Fully water and dust resistant casing One of the key principles in the b-bark design is outstanding mechanical durability. The materials and methods used in manufacturing have been carefully selected according to the operating environment. The casing design meets the requirements of the IP67 and MIL-STD-810 standards (see below).

Designed and tested in accordance with IP67 and MIL-STD-810 standards The IP classification is a European system for determining the tightness against water and dust. IP67 means that the device is water proof and dust-tight. MIL-STD-810 is a series of tests developed by the US army that aim to determine the suitability of a device for use in extreme circumstances, such as military use.

Extremely long battery life b-bark is currently available in three different battery configurations: 1×18350, 1×18650 and 2×18650. Below is a table of typical operation times at +20°C.

Duration @ frequency
2 x 18650, Keeppower 2200 mAh
+48 hours @ 30 s.
2 x 18650, Keeppower 2200 mAh
+24 hours @ 5 s.
2 x 18650, Keeppower 3400 mAh
+96 hours @ 30 s.
1 x 18650, Keeppower 3400 mAh
+36 hours @ 30 s.
1 x 18350, Keeppower 900 mAh
+6 hours @ 30 s.

Note 1: temperature affects to battery performance.
Note 2: position update frequency will be automatically changed to 60 seconds when battery indicates less than 15 % capacity.

User-changeable lithium-ion battery The 18350/18650 lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) used in b-bark have become considerably more common in the 2010s due to more demand for LED flashlights using these batteries. The batteries are user-changeable and selectable and you charge them using an external charger. When selecting the batteries, prevent safety risks by always making sure they are protected type.

Wide operating temperature range (-35°C … +55°C) When designing the b-bark collar, particular attention was paid to the materials and components used. The correct materials and industrial grade components as well as comprehensive testing ensure an error-free operation in very low and very high temperatures.

Fully automatic software updates The b-bark collar utilizes the automatic FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air) update system. This means that you don’t have to do anything to keep the collar software up to date. The automatic update is performed when the collar is switched on, if the collar detects an available update. You’ll be informed of a successful update through the b-bark mobile application.

Remotely controllable attention/warning LED There is a powerful, flashing attention light in the collar that you can switch on at any time, for instance when you want to ensure the dog’s safety as it’s approaching a busy road in low light or darkness.

The SIM card is easily changeable The b-bark collar uses a normal sized SIM card (2FF, 25 x 15 mm). The SIM card holder uses the push-push mechanism, which makes it easy to install and/or change the SIM card.

Designed and manufactured in Finland The b-bark collar is designed and manufactured in Finland, and the challenging Nordic environment has been taken into account. Some of the leading Finnish radio and antenna technology specialists were involved in designing b-bark, as well as a great number of top programmers and professionals of information and telecommunications technology.

In addition to technical expertise, hunting and dog specialists have also been involved throughout the research and development process. These specialists have given valuable feedback and recommendations ensuring that b-bark meet the end-user’s needs and requirements as well as possible.

24-month warranty B-bark’s limited manufacturer’s warranty is twenty-four (24) months from the purchase date and covers all faults occurring in the device due to materials used, or methods of installation or manufacture. For more information, see the Terms of Warranty.

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