Android and Windows Phone 8 applications

The b-bark Android and Windows Phone 8 (WP8) applications are so called native clients. These applications run on all mobile devices with an Android OS 2.3.6 or later, and on all Windows Phone 8-based devices. Android and WP8 applications have the same features and logic of use. You can download and install the b-bark native client by clicking the applicable store badge below.

Get it on Google Play WP8 Store

Some examples of familiar mobile devices that support b-bark are listed below.

Android Windows Phone 8
Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4…
Samsung Galaxy Tab & Note
LG Optimus L9
Google Nexus 4
Sony Xperia
Motorola Defy
Huawei Ascend Mate
Nokia 620, 720, 820, 920…
Huawei Ascend W1
Samsung ATIV S
Client Installation Instructions and User Guide can be found here.

b-bark also runs on other than Android- ja WP8 -devices. Click here for more information.
Feature Description
Object-related settings For each object you’re tracking, you can change the following settings:
  • Positioning frequency
  • Power save modes
  • Speaker volume
  • Attention LED control
  • Bark sensitivity (the level at which a bark is recognized)
  • Bark frequency, (the number of barks per minute before the bark gets indicated on the map)
  • The color and length (in minutes) of the route trail line on the map
  • The icon and name for the tracked object
  • Alerts: area alerts, bark alerts and pointing alerts
Calling the collar You can call the collar using the speed dial on b-bark. The speaker on the collar is mute by default. The speaker can be activated during a phone call by pressing the * key on the phone. The owner of the collar controls which phone calls the collar will pick up.
Automatic maps update All the available maps are automatically updated. The map tiles are saved on the cache memory of the touch screen device, which makes loading them faster the next time you’re in the same area. For more information on maps, click here.
Custom maps usage and sharing The b-bark native applications also support custom maps that you can share with other users through the server. The file size of one map is not limited, although using maps with a large file size can be slow due to the limited processing capacity of the device. Maps with a file size of 10 Mbytes or less work on all the supported mobile devices. The file format should be either .jpg or .png. For instructions on using, sharing and calibrating your own maps, click here.
Reviewing the route In the history view you can review the object’s routes after the tracking is finished by retrieving the information from the server. The routes are saved on the server for the minimum duration of one year. Using the history tool on the map view, you can also view earlier information in an ongoing real time tracking.
Drawing and sharing POIs and other map notes The drawing tool allows you to add map notes of your own, for example:

  • Tree stands and stations
  • Kills
  • Feeding places and elk licking stones
  • Hunting zones and zones where hunting is prohibited

You can also share your POIs and notes with other users.

Group features You can create a list of all tracked objects, both b-bark collars and other mobile devices, using the b-bark software. The list is clear and easy to maintain. You can quickly use it to see which b-bark collars or b-bark applications are active, and select which of the objects are shown on the map view.

Communicating with your hunting buddies is easy; just add messages on the tracking information of any object on the list (these messages aren’t delivered on the collars).

Route measuring feature The object’s route is measured on the map view. The measuring tool displays the full distance, as well as any individual legs distances you’ve drawn on the map.
SMS based tracking (MPTP) b-bark also supports MPTP tracking. You can add devices supporting MPTP tracking on the list of tracked objects. b-bark collars also respond to MPTP tracking requests if the owner has allowed it.

Web application for iPhone and other HTML5 compliant mobile devices

Apart from Android and WP8 devices, b-bark also runs on other devices. b-bark’s web application works on all touch screen devices with a web browser that supports HTML5. These devices include for instance the Apple iPhone and iPad. Some features are limited in the b-bark web application compared to the native Android and WP8 applications.

Features that are not included in the web application:

  • Custom maps
  • MPTP device tracking
  • SMS-based information sharing

In addition to using the b-bark web application on a mobile device, you can also use it on your desktop computer, for example if you want to use a larger monitor. You can track objects in real time or review an object’s route after active tracking is finished.

Click here to try b-bark web client for free!

It is recommended to use the latest versions of either Chrome, Firefox or Safari to get a best possible user experience.

Web client Installation Instructions and User Guide can be found here.
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