b-bark collar (BMAX)

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b-bark collar (BMAX)



  • Designed and manufactured according to MIL-STD-810 standard to function in demanding operation conditions.
  • Operating temperature range: -35 … +55 °C
  • Ingress protection: IP-67
  • Batteries: 2 × 18650 (2 x 2600 mAh = 5200 mAh, with 3500 mAh power batteries tot. 7000 mAh)
  • GSM-antenna: integrated high performance antenna.
  • GPS+GLONASS receiver: parallel operation. Accurate positioning also above Antarctic Circle and in shadow zones!
  • Remotely operable power-LED: attention LED can be remotely switched ON and OFF after dog is released.
  • Bidirectional call facility, that is to say, collar includes speaker in addition to microphone
  • Fully automated Firmware update procedure. No user actions required and doesn’t affect to collar usage.
  • 24 months warranty.

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