Enerdan/Tensai EP-18650DC2 charger

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Enerdan/Tensai EP-18650DC2 charger



  • TI-16500L – microprocessor controlled quick-charger with 1A output
  • Individual tray monitoring for 1-2 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries of sizes 14500 / 17500 / 17670 / 18500 / 18650
  • Two-color LEDs indicate charging status. Each LED indicates the corresponding channel.
  • Pre-charge function: if the battery’s voltage lowers less than 3.0V – pre-charge initiated at 10% of the normal charging current.
  • 230 VAC adapter and 12 VDC car adapter included
  • 5 hours timer control: If the battery is not fully charged in 5 hours, charger will stop charging and red LED will flash.
  • Short-circuit protection & reverse polarity protection ensures charger and batteries would not be damaged when user inserting batteries with short-circuit & reversed polarity.
  • 12 months warranty


  • Do not disassemble the charger
  • Do not charge other type of batteries
  • The charger is only for in-house usage and should be kept away from heat surrounding
  • Keep the charger away from humidity circumstances
  • The charger should be placed out of children’s reach
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