Tracker and b-bark into co-operation

On 21.12.2018 Tracker Oy and Belectro Oy have signed an agreement where Belectro Oy will be a part of the Tracker group as an independent subsidiary. Both companies continue to develop and produce their services independently but in co-operation. This agreement will not have any impact on customers and their current services. In the future, both companies will be able to offer their customers more compelling and innovative services and products.

Both Tracker and Belectro CEOs are exited and looking forward about the new opportunity. This arrangement will strengthen both companies and creates a clear market leader in Nordic GSM GPS based hunting dog tracking market.

Tracker Oy and Belectro Oy are both part of growing Sweden based Open Air Group AB together with Retkitukku Oy and

Markus Salmenpohja
CEO, Tracker Oy

Pekka Hietalahti
CEO, Belectro Oy